Cool Earth Business Supporter
Foodspeed is a proud business supporter of Cool Earth, the non-profit organisation that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change. By investing in Cool Earth, Foodspeed is supporting innovation in rainforest protection and emissions reduction. Protecting rainforest is one of the most effective actions we can take to tackle climate breakdown. 100% carbon neutral since 2010, we now support Cool Earth and its rainforest partners to help protect over 130,000 hectares of forest area that store over 22 million tonnes of carbon. Creating a far greater impact than simple offsetting schemes, Cool Earth targets resources where they make the greatest difference, empowering indigenous people to protect the rainforest.

Organic Credentials
We ensure that the dairy products and eggs we sell are produced to high environmental and animal welfare standards. We now stock a far wider organic dairy and egg product range. Foodspeed is accredited by the Organic Food Federation ensuring that those products we stock comply with organic standards and are fully traceable from farm to kitchen with every process en route having a certificate of conformity. Foodspeed is also a member of the Organic Trade Board which promotes the benefits of organic to consumers.

Free Range Dairy
In 2016 Foodspeed exclusively launched Free Range Dairy Milk and Double Cream in London under the Pasture Promise label - the only brand to give a clear assurance that milk comes from cows that enjoy the freedom to graze for at least six months of the year. Offering an alternative to the mass production of commodity milk from intensive farming, this initiative supports traditional British dairy farms via a premium that helps secure a sustainable future for milk supplies. Our Free Range Whole Milk is not homogenised so not only does it have a great creamy and natural taste, it is also better for texturing, giving excellent foam stability.

Reducing Plastic Use
We are committed to reducing the use of plastic within our business. We continue to lobby all our suppliers to reduce excess packaging, use recyclable plastic or try alternative packaging where possible. We no longer sell any products which have a plastic straw attached. We can offer milk pouches instead of plastic polybottles that use up to 70% less plastic, and take up less space.

SRA - Food Made Good
Our consistent drive to reduce the environmental impact of our business has been recognised by the Sustainable Restaurant Association. Foodspeed is an SRA listed supplier and indeed we were one of the first dairy suppliers to be approved by the association. The SRA uses the brand Food Made Good for promoting sustainability to the end consumer and champions change towards a more sustainable future for the foodservice industry. Foodspeed was a finalist for the Food Made Good Sustainable Innovation Award in 2016.

Accreditations & Awards
Royal Academy of Culinary Arts - Foodspeed is a proud associate of Britain’s leading professional caterers association. Our commitment to sustainability has been recognised with a number of awards and nominations including:
Considerate Hoteliers Association Local Supplier of the Year 2013 - in recognition of our 100% carbon neutral status, sustainability and service standards.
Confex Green Wholesaler of the Year 2016 - Foodspeed was awarded Confex Green Wholesaler of the Year in the Catering section.
Food Made Good Sustainable Innovation Award Finalist 2016 - Foodspeed was a finalist alongside clean technology company Bio-bean and global carrier Virgin Atlantic Airlines.