A full range of Fresh, Free Range, Organic and Longlife milk plus an expanding choice of Dairy Free alternatives and Health Drinks

Our extensive cream range includes Fresh, Soured, Clotted, Longlife, Crème Fraiche and Dairy Free from trusted producers in the UK

A wide variety of yogurts in bulk packs and single serve pots, including top brands, local varieties, exclusive glass jars & Dairy Free

Butter & Spreads
British bulk and packet butter complemented by popular continental varieties and a choice of margarine and spreads

A comprehensive selection of over 200 speciality cheeses from across the UK, Europe and beyond, in portion packs, wedges and catering blocks

All your egg requirements from fresh lion dated,  free range, organic and speciality shell egg to liquid, scrambled and hard boiled egg products

Fruit Juice & Drinks
A full range of freshly squeezed and longlife juices in all the essential flavours plus selected Fruit and Yogurt Smoothies

A wide selection of Hovis sliced loaves, popular morning goods, bakery products, Flat Breads and Gluten Free Bread

Other Products
Our product range is completed by key ingredients including Mayonnaise, Salads & Dips, Tofu, Fruit Purees and Fruit Coulis

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