Sustainability & The Environment
Foodspeed has worked hard to reduce its carbon footprint by eliminating excess waste, while reducing energy consumption and unnecessary packaging. We have achieved 100% carbon neutral status across the business for the past four years, offsetting emissions of carbon dioxide from all our operations, including vehicles, through high quality carbon reduction projects in developing countries. The latest of these is a Certified Emission Reduction project in the Philippines – the first commercial wind power venture in the region.

Our drive to reduce the environmental impact of our business has also been recognised by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, by whom we are the only dairy supplier currently approved. Foodspeed is equally a proud associate of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, Britain’s leading professional caterers association. We also received the Considerate Hoteliers Association Local Supplier of the Year award in 2013 in recognition of our 100% carbon neutral status, sustainability and service standards. An association run by hoteliers for hoteliers throughout the UK, the CHA sponsors annual awards to recognise outstanding practitioners.

We will continue to make advances through more recycling and reuse, saving energy and limiting waste. Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles meets the lower emission targets of the Euro5 standard. In addition we are accredited by the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, a funded, voluntary certification scheme aimed at ensuring that fleet operators work lawfully and to best practice by meeting the FORS standard.

We also make sure that dairy products and eggs are produced to high environmental and animal welfare standards. For instance, all our fresh milk and fresh cream comes from processors who carry the Red Tractor mark, guaranteeing that it comes from farms that meet high standards of food safety and hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection. Foodspeed is further accredited by the Organic Food Federation ensuring that all the organic products we stock are fully compliant with organic standards and fully traceable from the farm to the kitchen.