We stock a comprehensive selection of hard and soft cheese sourced from all over the UK, Europe and beyond, from portion packs to wedges and catering blocks.
  English Cheese Size Sold by    
    Mild Cheddar Block 5kg each    
    Mild Coloured Cheddar Block * 5kg each    
    Mature Cheddar Block 5kg each    
    Mature Coloured Cheddar Block * 5kg each    
    Red Leicester Block 2.5kg each    
    Double Gloucester Block * 5kg each    
    Grated Mild White Cheddar* 1kg each    
    Grated Mature White Cheddar* 1kg each    
    Grated Coloured Cheddar* 1kg each    
    Grated Mozzarella/Cheddar 70/30* 1kg each    
    Grated Mozzarella* 1kg each    
  English Speciality Cheese*    
    Organic Ashdown Foresters Cheese 2kg each    
    Blue Stilton Whole 8.4kg each    
    Blue Stilton Half 4.2kg each    
    Blue Stilton Quarter 2.1kg each    
    Baby Blue Stilton 2.5kg each    
    Cornish Yarg 1kg each    
    Oakwood Smoked 2kg each    
    Lancashire Block 2.5kg each    
    Sage Derby Wheel 2.5kg each    
    Wedmore Smoked 1kg each    
    Quicks Farmhouse Cheddar 3kg each    
    Wensleydale Farmhouse Clothbound 900g each    
    Cotswold 1kg each    
    Applewood 1/2 1.5KG each    
    White Stilton & Apricot 1.1kg each    
    Blackstick Blue 500g each    
    Oxford Blue 2.5kg each    
    Mrs Bells Blue 1.5kg each    
    Shropshire Blue 2kg each    
    Capricorn 100g each    
    Kidderton Ash Log 200g each    
    Ragstone Log 200g each    
    Swaledale 1kg each    
    Tornegus 1kg each    
    Cornish English Brie 1.2kg each    
    Montgomery Cheddar 3kg each    
    Chatel Brie 200g each    
    Cornish Brie 193g each    
    Camembert 200g each    
    St Endellion 200g each    
    St Anthony Soft Goats Cheese 550g each    
  Portions, Wedges & Slices        
    Blue Stilton Wedge 160g each    
    Cheddar Mild White Slices 1kg case    
    Cheddar Mild Coloured Slices* 1kg case    
    Cheddar Mature White Slices* 1kg case    
    Mild White Cheese Slices 1Kg case    
    Cheddar Portions Plain 40 x 204 case    
    Cheddar Mixed Portions 40 x 20g case    
    Philadelphia Portions* 24 x 16g case    
    Philadelphia Light Portions 24 x 16g case    
    Red Cheddar Slices* 1kg case    
    Monterey Jack Slices* 1kg case    
    Smoked Cheddar Slices* 1kg case    
    Smoked Applewood Slices* 1kg case    
    Gruyere Slices* 1kg case    
    Leerdammer Cheese Slices* 50 x 20g case    
    Port Salut Portions 40 x 20g case    
    Laughing Cow Cheese Portions* 80 x 17.5g case    
  Soft Cheese
    Reduced Fat Soft Cheese 2kg each    
    Reduced Fat Soft Cheese Bag * 2 x 10kg each    
    Full Fat Soft Cheese 2kg each    
    Full Fat Soft Cheese Bag * 2 x 10kg each    
    BV Dairy Mascarpone 2kg each    
    Cottage Cheese Tub 2kg each    
    Philadelphia Original 1.65kg each    
    Philadelphia Original 10kg each    
    Philadelphia Light * 1.65kg each    
    Fromage Frais Tub 2kg each    

  French Cheese*  
    Babybel Catering Portions 96 x 20g case    
    Boursin Garlic 150g each    
    Boursin Pepper 150g each    
    Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs 1kg each    
    Brie Whole 3kg each    
    Brie Whole 1kg each    
    Brie de Meaux 3.0kg each    
    Brie Wedge Portion 200g each    
    Camembert Rustique 1kg each    
    Camembert Portions 250g each    
    Chevre Buche Log 1kg each    
    Goat Soignon Log White No Rind 150g each    
    Crottin De Chavignol 12 x 50g case    
    Port Salut 2kg each    
    Roquefort Half 1.3kg each    
    Saint Agur 2.3kg each    
    Roule (Herb) 900g each    
    Beaufort d'Alpage 9 month A.O.C 2kg each    
    Gratte Paille 350g each    
    Pont L'Eveque Philippe Olivier A.O.C 400g each    
    Reblochon Philippe Olivier A.O.C 500g each    
    Fourme D'Ambert A.O.C 2kg each    
    Melusine Goat Log 180g each    
    Brie De Nangis 1kg each    
    Livarot Philippe Olivier A.O.C 500g each    
    Chaumes 2kg each    
    Munster 520g each    
    Gruyere de Comte Block A.O.C 2.7kg each    
    French Emmental Block 1.6kg each    
    French Gruyere King Cut 1.6kg each    
  Italian Cheese        
    Grated Mozzarella 2kg each    
    Grated Mozzarella & Cheddar Mix 2kg each    
    Grated Mozzarella & Cheese 2kg each    
    Mozzarella Block 1kg each    
    Mozzarella Ball in Whey 12 x 125g case    
    Mozzarella di Buffala 200g each    
    Mozzarella Bocconcini 1kg each    
    Parmesan Reggiano cut * 2kg each    
    Grana Padano cut 2kg each    
    Fresh Grated Italian Hard Cheese * 1kg each    
    Fresh Grated Parmesan strands 1kg each    
    Grana Padano Fresh Flakes 500g each    
    Dolcelatte * 1.6kg each    
    Gorgonzola 1.5kg each    
    Mascarpone 500g each    
    Mascarpone 2kg each    
    BV Dairy Mascapone 2kg each    
    Ricotta Tub 1.5kg each    
    Ricotta Tub * 250g each    
    Taleggio 2.2kg each    
    Crema Bel Paese 24 x 25g case    
    Fontal 1/4* 3kg each    
    Provalone Dolce * 1kg / 5kg each    
    Pecorino Romano 3.5kg each    
    Asiago young * 3.3kg each    
  World Cheeses*        
    Grated Gruyere 1kg each    
    Swiss Gruyere King Cut Block 2.5 kg each    
    Feta Greek 900g each    
    German Mini Smoked 50 x 20g case    
    Smoked Log 2kg each    
    Halloumi 225g each    
    Paneer Indian Cheese Cubed 500g each    
    Paneer Indian Cheese Block 1kg each    
    Masala Indian Paneer Block 1kg each    
    Thick Grated Paneer 3kg each    
    Thin Grated Paneer 3kg each    
    Jarlsberg 2.5kg each    
    Monterey Jack 1.25kg each    
    Monterey Jack slices 100 x 30g each    
    Emmental Block 3.5 kg each    
    Emmental Slice 50 x 20g case    
    Grated Emmental 2kg each    
    Edam Ball 2kg each    
    Edam Portions 200 x 20g case    
    Danish Blue 3.1kg each    
    Cambozola 2.2kg each    
    Burger Slices (120) 1.45kg each    
    Mull Of Kintyre 567g each    
    Dunsyre Blue 1.6kg each    
    Gubbeen 1.5kg each    
    Cashel Blue 1.6kg each    
    La Mancha Iberico (3 milk blend) 3.2kg each    
    Manchego (Pure Ewes Milk) 3kg each    
    Gjetost Etke 500gm each    
    Tete De Moine 900gm each    
    Appenzell Quarter 1.5kg each    
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48 hours. A pre-order may be required.
+ V Products are subject to VAT
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